Instagram Webcomic Page Templates for Photoshop
Instagram Webcomic Page Templates for Photoshop
Instagram Webcomic Page Templates for Photoshop

Instagram Webcomic Page Templates for Photoshop

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This is a package of nine high resolution (600dpi) template files for digital webcomic artists of all skill levels using Photoshop (Mac or PC).

Included in this package of webcomic templates:

3 Single Page Templates

  • Full-size single page template
  • Single page thumbnails - Small thumbnails
  • Single page thumbnails - Large thumbnails

3 Double Page Templates

  • Full-size double page template
  • Double page thumbnails - Small thumbnails
  • Double page thumbnails - Large thumbnails

3 Triple Page Templates

  • Full-size triple page template
  • Triple page thumbnails - Small thumbnails
  • Triple page thumbnails - Large thumbnails 

3 Photoshop Actions for Cropping the Artwork to the Instagram Artwork Area Dimensions.

  • Single Page Crop Action  (for use on the Single Page Template only)
  • Double Page Crop Action (for use on the Double Page Template only)
  • Triple Page Crop (for use on the Triple Page Template only)
    • The Double and Triple Page actions make it easy to prepare images for a multi-image Instagram posts using the Double and Triple page templates.

Template Details and Features:

  • Template markings for three panel system options
    • 1A 
      • This option allows for full bleed and inset panels to be arranged in many panel combinations and sizes.
    • 1B 
      • This is a minimal panel layout option that allows for full bleed and bordered panels, as well as a greater available area for artwork.
    • 1C
      • This is an extremely minimal panel layout option that allows for full bleed panels only, and the largest possible are for artwork.
    • Easily change the color and opacity of template markings to suit your preference.
    • Easily turn off template marking groups that you don't need.
  • Construct Panel Borders
    • Vertical and horizontal Panel borders are on separate layers, making panel creation quick and easy.
  • Changeable Background Colour
    • The editable background color is on a separate layer, and can be changed to any color you require with a couple of clicks.
  • 600DPI
    • Making your artwork at 600DPI ensures that it can be downscaled for webcomics, or used for printed items like comic books, posters, and almost anything else you may need to print in the future.
  • Saving/Exporting
    • Full Page:
      • Save or export the full page (8.5x11") using the File > Save As  menu item.
    • Export only the Instagram artwork area using the actions included in this file package.
      • There are three actions that are used for preparing Single, Double and Triple pages for export
      • Each action crops the page to the Instagram artwork area.
      • For the Double and Triple page templates, the actions will crop to the Instagram artwork area, and place multiple pages in separate layers.

System Requirements:

  • Photoshop (Mac/PC)
    • Photoshop CC is recommended
    • While the PSD files have been saved with the backwards compatibility feature on, they have not been tested in Photoshop CS or older.
      • If you are using an older version of Photoshop, the PSD files may not display correctly.